This year and next

So this morning I blasted my way through my last PT session of the century, feeling strong and fit and trying out my new Christmas kettlebell.

My fitness goals for 2010 are:

– Sprint tri (pool swim) – which one and when I don’t know yet.
– Sub 50 10k – targeting my ‘home’ race in April for this one
– Sub 2 hour half marathon – depends on whether or not I manage to get a place in the Great North Run again. If not then I need to find another one.
– Beat my Blaydon Race time and enjoy it as much as last time.
– Stay fit, strong and injury free.

2009 will stay with me as the year I fell in love with running.

Running was my refuge and release when I was threatened with redundancy. It gave me strength physically and mentally to take whatever got thrown at me. And yes, there were times when I couldn’t quite block everything out and my running suffered, but I battled through those too. Because it’s that important.

Running isn’t something I have always done, but it feels like it. It’s part of how I define myself, how I introduce myself now. It’s taught me new language – orthotics, tib band, and intervals for example.

It’s brought me new friends, true friends both in real life and through this strange interconnected world of the web. And it’s given me the confidence and passion to write for me again.

So I can say that 2009 has been a pretty good year, and that gives me the confidence to look forward to 2010 and smile at all the possibilities it brings.

Author: The Scribbler

I'm a writer, based in the North East of England. In my working life I give a human voice to business communications. As well as writing, reading and language, I enjoy running and triathlons and I often write about races and events in the North East

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