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10 December 2009

Feeling the benefit

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I love my Thursday morning training sessions with my PT, Ian. I’ve been doing them for over a year now and not once have I thought, “I can’t be bothered”. They’ve never been boring and have always been challenging, pushing my fitness to new levels.

In the early days I’d sometimes get frustrated at some perceived weakness, at something I couldn’t manage, or some routine that wouldn’t stick in my head. But Ian was always there, coaching, encouraging and finding something to put me back on a positive track again. Now I go for everything he throws at me. Very rarely does something beat me, and if it does I get it next time. And I’m always rewarded with that good honest feeling of satisfaction that comes from a physical work out.

Ian’s been away on holiday for the past few weeks. I’ve kept up all the other things like running and classes and substituted a session in the gym, but it’s that PT session that’s still the highlight of my week and I really missed it.

So that was me this morning, back in the old routine of getting up, layering the kit on and jogging down to the beach, hoping it would soon be light enough to start.

We began with a bleep test, something I’ve heard about but never tried before. Shuttle running over 20 metres, gradually increasing the pace. It’s a good test of aerobic capacity and one that’s used as a quality measure for certain active professions. Different tests measure at different levels, but let’s just say I’d be fit enough to join the police force, and now I want to work up to army status!

Next we moved down to the beach for a series of exercises using a 12k kettleball. Ian puts these together into complexes, so it’s one exercise after another, working the whole body. I tend to lose track of what I’ve done, as I’m just listening to him explain and demo the next set each time, but here’s what I remember:

Pushup, burpee, clean, lift – 12 reps each side x3.
Swing, clean, squat, lift – 12 reps each side x3.
Travelling swings to the sea and back.
Travelling lift alternate arms to the sea and back.
Rows, pull ups 12 reps each side x3.
Abs: med ball side to side, sit up and throw 12reps x3.
Med ball slams against a wall then straight down.
Finish with a good routine of stretches and we’re done.

As well as the physical benefits, of burning fat, toning muscle and giving me a real cardio workout, these sessions really set me well for the rest of the day. I bounce home to a shower and scamper off to work knowing that I’ve already achieved something with my day.


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