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1 December 2009

In the swim again

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I often do an aqua aerobics session on a Monday night, so this week I got to the pool early to get some front crawl practice in.

I warmed up with a length or two of breast stroke and then just went for it with the crawl, straight into 100m. Which made my little heart glad, as I have been stopping after 60 or 80m the last couple of times.

I’ve been checking out a few websites and watching some swimming technique videos, so there were a few things I wanted to practise. There are definitely a few things starting to fall into place now, such as the breathing out and swimming slowly to get the technique right.

I still stuff it up now and again and end up gasping for air, but I feel like I’m doing it less often and on one length I actually managed to get my breathing rhythm back – something I’ve not managed before. I managed another 100m set just to prove I hadn’t fluked it the first time and a few more 40, 60 and 80m sets.

I know it’s not a startling swim by any means, but I want to start measuring and comparing how I’m getting on so I can measure that progress. So I timed myself for a couple of lengths of front crawl versus the same distance breast stroke and at the moment they’re about the same. But even that’s not bad, as it shows I’m swimming crawl slowly to get things right, and I’m sure the speed will come when I don’t have to think about what I’m doing so much.

I think next time I want to build on the distance I can swim continuously without having to take a little breather. But all in all, it felt a lot better, a lot more relaxed.

And given that I managed about 30 mins swimming and another 45 mins aqua class, I don’t think stamina’s going to be too much of a problem 😉

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