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20 November 2009

Long, not so slow, run

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Another merry band of Friday early risers met at work this morning for a nice 7/8 miler. Once again I kept to the back of the main group who soon separated off into the distance.

Surprisingly mild out, my legs were feeling the strain of yesterday’s race, but I sensed I’d warm into the run, just enjoying keeping it steady. I dropped back a couple of times where the path made it sensible to run in single file, but soon felt I wanted to be stretching out a little more.

Another runner I’d exchanged emails with joined us near the start and started chatting about running experience. I’ve got quite good at condensing my little running story into bite size breathable chunks now. And I still have to remember I haven’t always done this. A year ago, running 7 miles before work on a Friday morning would have been an impossibility. The question now is what can I achieve next year?

Maybe it was telling the story, thinking about the people who have been inspirational and helped me become fitter, stronger and happier than I have been for years, or maybe it was just my usual 20 minute warm up kicking in, but at the next opportunity I took the lead of our little group. I was off, running free, stretching out and rolling in the miles.

I expected my spurt to last for a short while, but I seemed to find my rhythm and held on. Keeping it steady and consistent through the muddy puddles. Keeping it going up the hill over the motorway. Mind clear and crisp as the morning, no worries, no stresses. Just the sound of my feet and my breathing.

We were now running in three groups. The speedy bunch, then me followed by the slower runners I’d kept pace with last week. A couple of times one of the leading group doubled back to check we were okay. And a couple of times I held back, jogging backwards or on the spot to keep sight of the following runners.

Having got directions for the 7 mile route rather than the 8, I lead the way again. Feeling chuffed that I could just run my own pace and stick with it. It felt good just to be running. Not overthinking. Just enjoying the fields and the trails and feeling myself pushing forwards, like I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. There was even a sprint finish at the end.

Lovely run.

7.2 miles 1 hour 7 mins

Splits (km)
1. 05.35
2. 05.26
3. 05.27
4. 05.41
5. 05.36
6. 05.55 (hill and regroup)
7. 05.36
8. 06.37 (regroup)
9. 05.49
10. 05.50
11. 06.15 (regroup and direction check)
12. 03.10


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