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19 November 2009

In which I’m a little forgetful

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Packed myself a lovely lunch this morning. Home made chicken soup and lots of nice healthy snacks to keep me away from the chocolate tin for the day and fuel me ready for my first winter series race.

Then I left it on the kitchen table.

Oh well, at least I had my emergency banana. By lunchtime I was really geared up and ready for a run. Today was the first of my work running club’s winter handicap races. It’s a two mile course that we’d recced last week and, as I haven’t run with them before, I got to set off first.

I set off at a heck of a lick, the wind behind me, pushing quite hard, wanting to stay in front of the next runner 30 seconds behind. With the wind gusting, my breathing at times felt quite shallow and uncomfortable, but I tried to convince myself to stick at the pace.

At the half way point I turned, Donna shouting encouragement and saying I’d done a fast time. Passing the other runners on the return leg, I felt sure I could maintain my lead for a good while, even running into the wind. A couple of times it slowed me down, and I concentrated on slowing my breathing, trying desperately to keep my legs moving at the same pace.

And then I missed the turning for the home straight.

I realised as I trotted on up the road. ‘I need to be over there’. What do I do? Turn back and retrace my steps? I saw the runner behind me heading for the finish and leapt over the tussocky grass for a bit of a short cut back to the official route.

From front runner to last but one…cos I’m a numpty 😉

1. 04.36
2. 05.05
3. 05.05
4. 03.05

Official race distance = 2 miles. My distance= 2.2 miles

Ah well, I won’t do that again but I did enjoy a great run.


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