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16 September 2009

The great big thank you post

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Running can be pretty solitary. Actually, that’s one of the things I like about it. The time it gives me to be alone in my own head. Lately, on my long runs I’ve been visualising the race. Thinking about the day, what could happen, what it’s going to sound like, look like, feel like. And all along my route I think of the people who’ve helped me go from struggling to reach a mile in ten minutes to running 12 in around an hour 45.

The first, as always, is Gary. He’s put up with me breezing in and breezing out again in my training gear, getting up early in the morning for training, and building my weekend and weekday plans around the next run. And he’ll be braving the crowds at South Shields trying to spot me at the finish next Sunday. I’m sure he still thinks I’m a bit crazy (what’s new?) but he’s supported me all the way.

Then there’s all my family. I must have bored you stupid sometimes with tales of my running and training. Thanks for putting up with my latest obsession and for always having faith in me. And, little sis, I’m sorry I dragged you out on the Navan run. I think I put you off running, but I hope you’ll keep dancing!

Thank you too to the other first-timers in the office – Mandy, Jo and Hayley. It’s been great to have people to share the experience with who understand what it takes to do this. You’re all amazing and we’re going to do something really memorable on 20 September.

Then there are all my friends – old and new. Everyone who’s left a message on facebook or sent me an encouraging email or tweet. I’ve met a great bunch of people at my boxercise class and the gym and had loads of great advice from fellow runners at work including Kathryn, Steve, Donna and Andy in the UK and Shawndell in the USA.

I have to give a special mention to my buddy Jay who has been twittering away to me since the start of training, always with a smile and a spot of encouragement. I know you’ll have a great race Jay, and you’ll really make a big difference with all the money you’ve raised for Tiny Lives. Well done on smashing your total. You still have to run though πŸ˜‰

Thinking back to the start of this, there are hundreds of little moments that make me smile. Lisa drew me running along the beach with the seagulls in the sky, before I even started thinking about myself as a runnner. Hayley stopped me getting bored and cold at the start of the Pier to Pier and my Blaydon Racer (I’ve deduced from the results that his name was Stephen Bell) kept me company on my favourite race so far.

Then there are all the nameless unknown runners who I’ve shared a hello, a nod, or a wave with as I’ve been training – from the Macmillan couple I met as I turned at the lighthouse, to the girls I’ve passed at Cullercoats two weekends on the trot now. There was another on Tuesday who spotted me as I was out with Ian on the Quayside for my last training run and shouted “See you Sunday!”

And that brings me to Ian who started it all really. Got me running for fitness and eventually fun. Who coached me and encouraged me and answered a million questions. I wouldn’t even have thought about doing this without your help. And I know thanks to you, I’m fit and prepared as I can be for a great race. Thank you.

I know you can’t all be there with me on Sunday, but I’ll be imagining you among the crowds cheering all 54,000 of us nutters on. And I’ll be smiling.

I’ve got a lot from taking on the Great North Run challenge, so if you’d like to help me give something back and raise money for a very special cause, please visit this page.

Thank you.



  1. Ahh, nice write up Michelle!

    You’re welcome for all the encouraging tweets to keep you motivated! I’m know you’ll do great on Saunday, so have a ‘Great Run’ !





    Comment by Jay — 17 September 2009 @ 08:35 | Reply

  2. Very best of luck with the Great North Run – I’m sure it will be an amazing experience. X


    Comment by Mrs Trefusis — 18 September 2009 @ 21:58 | Reply

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