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11 April 2009

Race night

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So tomorrow’s the big day. My first ever road race.

At 10am tomorrow I’ll be hitting the road with around 2,000 others following a route along the coast to the finish line at St Mary’s lighthouse.

So, I’m excited and a bit nervous. But more excited, nervous than worried, nervous. I know I have the distance in my legs, and I’ve already achieved so much, anything else now is a bonus. So I just plan to get out there and enjoy it.

It seems to have come around so quickly. If you’d have told me back in October that I’d be running 10k or 6.6 miles on Easter Sunday, I’d have thought you were crazy.

This week has been about preparation. After getting myself back in the groove, following a bit of a stumble from the training plan, I’ve actually taken it quite easy this week. My last run was on Monday and that was only 20 minutes. But I managed a great training session on Thursday morning, so I know I have the strength and endurance. 

Ian finished the session with a gentle warm down run along the sand, picking up some running coaching points.  It was a great reminder of how far I’ve come since I first started training with him. My first couple of sessions, that run felt like the end of the earth. I was lucky if I could make it half way. Now it’s a gentle jog at the end of a good hour of resistance and cardio.

And tonight we have pasta on the menu, fuelling me up for the morning. Then a bowl of porridge and a banana and I’ll be set. The weather looks set fair. Not too windy, which was my main worry, and hopefully not too wet either.

Of course, I have a time in mind. I’d like to do the distance faster than I’ve done it before. But I’m not going to tie myself to the stopwatch. Just go out there and run my own race and enjoy it.


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