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27 February 2009


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Yesterday I felt a bit of a niggle in my left thigh after a pretty brutal attempt to run intervals in a headwind. A bit of a stretch, a hot bath and I pretty much sorted it, or so I thought.
It came back with a vengeance today.
I met Ian as usual for our Thursday lunchtime run. Everything started well. I felt strong, got a nice breathing pattern, long strides, steady pace.
The first time we turned into the wind, I put my head down to power through it. But it whipped away my breath and I started to struggle to regain it.
And it continued like that pretty much the whole way back. No matter how hard I tried to push through it, it just kept pushing me back and to be honest, there were bits where I would have been faster if I was walking. But Ian kept encouraging me and I clocked up another 6k.
But once the euphoria and the adrenaline of the run wore off, that little niggly ache turned into a real sharp pain down the top of my leg. I limped back to the office, downbeat and sore, dreaming of ice packs.
I’ve settled it with myself now. A couple of days rest to get things right and then back to the training plan. But I was surprised how much it mattered, how much I resented being forced to stop, even just for a while, for my own good.
I have definitely got the bug.


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