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23 February 2009

Getting into my stride

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On Sunday I enjoyed a great training session. The sun was shining, the sand clear, and bar one or two curious dogs, there was nothing to disturb us.
It’s true, I found the intervals tough again, struggling to pick up speed on the sand. But the resistance work was good. I felt strong with the heavier kettlebell, kept the pace moving and kept going from one sequence to the next.
Towards the end, Ian asked if I thought I had anything left in my legs. And rather foolishly, I thought I did. Cue a muscle-busting routine of 24 squats, lunges, jump lunges and squat jumps. Only I never got as far as the squat jumps, flaking out at number 8 on the jump lunges. Oh well, gives me something to aim for next time.
After a tough training session like that, despite a good old round of stretches, I often find I’m suffering the training effect the next day (that’s aching muscles to you).
Today wasn’t as bad as I’d feared and the urge to get out for a run at lunchtime was overwhelming. Decent weather, not too windy and no sign of rain – couldn’t pass that up.
My legs felt a bit creaky at first, my strides short as I started out, trying to warm up those hard-working muscles. But after about five minutes I found a pace of sorts and looking at my watch, it seemed a pretty good one, so I tried to stick to it.
When my legs felt heavy, I stretched out my stride, pushing forwards with my back foot. When my breathing grew shallow, I reminded myself to draw air into my rib cage, slow it down.
The only deal I had to do with myself today, was to run out for 20 minutes, knowing that would keep me on target for today’s goal on the run back.
And I found it, that rhythm. That perfect combination of breath, muscles and mental attitude that just keeps you moving. Like a train on a track, pushing forwards. It’s a great feeling! Proves all the hard work, all the tough runs, all the ‘mind over matter’ intervals and the ‘sheer bloody minded not stopping because I’ll kick myself if I do’ continuous paced runs are paying off. Some days are easier than others. Today was a good one. 6.6km of a good one.


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