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10 February 2009

The training plan

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So, on Sunday morning I met Ian down on the beach for my regular fortnightly personal training session. The beach was packed with hundreds of kids doing football and rugby training. It was great to see so many people making use of the space, even if it did mean we had to dodge a couple of stray rugby balls. Makes a difference from fending off excitable dogs I suppose.

As usual it was a tough work out, a bit of a run to warm up then some exercises with the med ball, more resistance work with the kettle bell and some interval training. Interval training is basically interspersing short blasts of sprints with a recovery rate run in between. We’ve done some of this training before, and it’s going to be a good way for me to build up speed and fitness to tackle running longer distances.

But boy, did I struggle. The first couple of sprints had me absolutely gasping. Couldn’t catch my breath, couldn’t get my legs moving fast enough on the sand. I can usually find a bit of a sprint from somewhere, it’s the keeping going at a slower recovery pace afterwards that I struggle with, but not this time.

An unscheduled breather and some water and we tried again, this time with me reminding myself to breathe. I think I panic a bit when I get that sharp raspy catch of breath and survival instinct tells me to stop. But somehow I found my way through it, even managing a good sprint down to the sea on the last one.

Ian’s put together a training plan for me over the next few weeks as I build up to running a 10K road race in April. There’s a mixture of timed distance running, intervals and gym work, increasing in intensity and duration. This is my first week following it.

On Monday, I was still feeling the training effect (that’s aching muscles to you) from Sunday’s session, but got myself out for a lunchtime run from work and managed a total of 3.5 miles in 35 mins. Today I was twitching to get out again at lunchtime, but had to go to a meeting. So instead I settled for another 35 mins on the treadmill at the gym and 3.6 miles (so a small improvement – and at this stage I’ll take anything I can get). It helps when I get a good blast of a tune to spur me on, so special thanks this week go to The Killers and The Pet Shop Boys who kept me going for those last few minutes!

Anyway, it’s intervals on the plan for the next couple of days, so shorter duration, higher intensity runs. Wish me luck!


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