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11 April 2008

Partners in crime

Whimsical, the perfect adjective for the adipose (thanks Zeinab). That or marketing opportunity. Plush toy? Squeezy stress reliever? Squeaky for your dog? Only eight months to Christmas… Sorry, must have my cynical head on. I quite liked them really. But are you meant to like the monsters? Makes a change from hiding behind the sofa I suppose.

So leaving aside the fat-eating marshmallow-babies sub-plot, what did I think of the season four opener?

I liked the fact that the trailers didn’t give everything away and the clips we’ve seen built into complete scenes, especially with Donna and Gramps (gotta love Bernard Cribbins) and the lip reading scene. I never was a Donna hater. I liked her in the Christmas episode and I’m glad to see her back.

Loved the scene in the tardis with the Doctor starting to spout off his theory and stopping mid-sentence. Great bit of characterisation in just half a line.

I liked the way David Tennant underplayed the Doctor a little in this episode; not so much teeth nashing, eyes blazing – a bit more inward looking. The way he picked up Donna’s luggage was a nice subtle comedy moment.

“I’ll be health – you be safety”, great line! Wish I could have delivered that one.

Thought the whole “I need a mate”, was a bit heavy handed though. I was hearing “How very dare you?” in my head. But still, now we’ve got that out of the way, maybe we can get on with some real stories.

Was not expecting Rose so soon. That was a nice little teaser at the end of the episode. Also liked the fact that she’s somehow there, but not there. Russell T Davies obviously paid attention to my previous warnings

I found I was more fired up in anticipation than I was after the event, but it’s a Doctor in specs episode, and that always scores with me. It may not have been very scary, (no doubt partly due to the timeslot) and I do like a dark Doctor, but we have Steven Moffat episodes to come.

A reasonably generous 7/10.


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