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3 April 2008

Der der der dum…der der der dum…

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It’s fair to say that last time I mentioned a certain Doctor, I was in a bit of a strop. But time’s a great healer (especially with the Doctor by your side) and well…to cut a long story short, Russell T Davies, you’re just about forgiven. Nine months is too long to hold a grudge (though I still owe Jason Landaur for tying my plaits to the back of my chair). Besides, the glimpses I’ve seen in between series have renewed my optimism. And I never did give up on the Doctor…just fell out with the writer.

So I find myself sitting bolt upright in bed, instead of drifting off to sleep everytime I hear the trailer on TV, and have devoured the Radio Times feature, looking for clues. Yes that’s me, back in full-on fangasm mode again.

I’m quite pleased Donna’s back. It’ll be interesting to have a companion who isn’t making cow-eyes at the Doctor every week (leave that to me…). Besides, when your Grandad’s Bernard Cribbins, how bad can you be?

Appetite whetted by a series of very slick trailers, I can’t wait to make sense of:
Martha channeling Grendel’s mother – dripping and furious
Rose’s return (I’m watching you RTD…don’t you dare do it again…)
Lots of corridor running, this time with a redhead (Mulder and Scully anyone?… No?… Just me then.)
And the Doctor, sweating and terrified. Wow! That one’s on a permanent loop in my mental multiplex. If that’s in the Stephen Moffat double episode (Stephen Moffat double episode!), I might just spontaneously self-combust.

Quite intruiged by another Moffat, Georgia who appears in the Radio Times feature, reminding me of Sally Sparrow in a cute and feisty kind of way. I’ve a feeling that could be the Doctor-lite episode, but I could be wrong.  

I do know that come Saturday, 6.20, I’ll be poised, heart beating der der der dum…der der der dum…


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  1. […] Was not expecting Rose so soon. That was a nice little teaser at the end of the episode. Also liked the fact that she’s somehow there, but not there. Russell T Davies obviously paid attention to my previous warnings.  […]


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