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2 August 2006

Linking out

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So the blog has pretty much dried up despite my oh-so-empassioned bid to try and kick myself into action. Lots of reasons and excuses, but rather than dwelling on those I’m going to get back into posting and to point to some of things I’ve found interesting today First of all, a very interesting post from – from someone who I consider to be the guru of online communities. (Full disclosure – Robin and I used to work for the same corporation and have met on a number of work related occasions) Not an optimistic view, perhaps but a realistic one.  

Robin says,”Part of the problem was also that, in trying to build up big communities, we were trying to be something for everyone which we all know isn’t a very successful formula for just about anything other than Walmart. In trying to attract anyone and everyone, we failed to create a strong editorial proposition and ignored the small niche communities that developed in the shadows to focus upon the masses.”

It’s well worth reading the whole article. Oh and kudos for mangling an REM song title into a post headline. It made me read it! 

Recently I’ve been looking for blogs related to my new line of work, copywriting and marketing. I think I got lucky and stumbled across some great ones straight off. When I’m trying out new blogs, I stick em in my Internet favourites for a while and check them in down time. If I’m still clicking on a regular basis after a week or so, they go into my aggregator (Newsgator – because I can get it online) Bad Language made the cut pretty quickly – and I need to save this great post about feedback. Oh how I wish I could have pointed certain former managers to this… 

Away with Words has become a regular daily treat. Nancy Friedman always has something interesting, intruiguing or informative to say. In short, she writes the kind of blog I aspire to. Plus she emailed me last time I linked to her blog so she’s paying attention. Hi Nancy!  I still have the reading capacity to add more sites like these to my daily routine, so if anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear about them.


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